July 2018

First Mobility-Impaired Runner Completes 100th Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Race

Beth Deloria became the first mobility-impaired runner to complete 100 races in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Series, and the 11th athlete overall to hit the 100-mark, when she completed the series’ Raleigh, North Carolina, event in April. Deloria, who has foot drop, uses an Allard ToeOFF AFO. She is also the founder of Allard’s TeamUP, the first national team composed of people who all live with foot drop paralysis.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll half- or full-marathon series span the globe, with more than 500,000 participants in 30 locations each year. Deloria was joined at the Raleigh event by 11 of her TeamUP teammates. While not everyone on TeamUP is able to run, several of her teammates did compete alongside her in the 5K or half-marathon distances. In addition, all 12 TeamUP members participated in the 1-mile walk to bring attention to the many faces of foot drop and AFOs.

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