July 2014

Ferber authors biomechanics text

Reed Ferber, PhD, ATC, associate professor of kinesiology at the University of Calgary and director of the Running Injury Clinic in Calgary, Canada, has authored a textbook that focuses on running biomechanics and injury prevention. Publisher Human Kinetics released the book, Running Mechanics and Gait Analysis, in June.

Ferber said he and coauthor Shari Macdonald, MSc, a physiotherapist and clinic director of the Running Injury Clinic, wrote the book to bring together biomechanics and gait analysis and teach interpretation of the data.

The text includes a discussion of running biomechanics; guidelines for assessing, treating, and preventing a range of running injuries; and a detailed analysis of running biomechanics to help professionals identify the interactions of the kinetic chain and the causes of overuse injuries.

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