November 2010

Dubin joins board of Art de Cure

Richard Dubin, publisher and founder of Lower Extremity Review has been named to the board of Art de Cure, a new Albany, NY-based nonprofit organization that works with local artists and healthcare practices to establish art galleries in practitioners’ offices.

A portion of sales from each art gallery benefits a charity of the practitioners’ choice, such as the American Diabetes Association, Amputee Coalition of America, or United Cerebral Palsy Association. The first Art de Cure gallery, located at the office of The Endocrine Group in Albany, has raised more than $12,000 for the ADA since April.

Showing art in private practice is a way to bring art to an audience not likely to explore art galleries. This creates a win-win situation for the practice that displays the art, the artist who sells their work and the charitable organization that benefits.

“Art de Cure is for a great cause and I am happy to be involved,” Dubin said. “I would encourage practices to take look and see how Art de Cure can help create a more inviting office space while supporting a cause.”

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