April 2017

DonJoy introduces TriFit OA knee brace

San Diego-based DJO Global in March launched the OA Reaction TriFit Knee brace from DonJoy, the company’s latest osteoarthritis (OA) knee brace designed to provide pain relief to those with moderate to severe knee OA.

TriFit by DonJoy features a Web Tech shock absorber to assist with full knee extension and patellofemoral tracking, Exos Tech for a heat-thermoformable custom fit that hugs the area around the knee, and Boa Tech, a microtension adjustment system that pulls everything together and provides 3D protection.

DJO Global also announced in March that its Exprt Revision Hip portfolio received market clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration. The system offers an anatomically inspired design that costs 40% to 70% of the price of comparable revision hip systems and has 80%-90% fewer instruments, according to a company release.

Visit exprtprecision.com for more information.

One Response to DonJoy introduces TriFit OA knee brace

  1. Shane Brannan says:

    I have bone on bone on both interior knees, is this product right for me.

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