April 2011

Delcam to host May conference in Bath on orthotic technology

CAD-CAM technology developer Delcam will host a global conference on orthotic technology May 19 and 20 at the University of Bath in the U.K.
The Orthotic Technology Forum will focus on discussing new technologies and processes designed to assist practitioners and laboratories in prescribing and manufacturing custom orthotic insoles. Attendees will learn about emerging technologies as well as those already being used successfully by orthotic laboratories around the world, including a tour of the University of Bath’s machining facilities.

Invited speakers are opinion leaders in the development and utilization of orthotic technology, including hardware devices to help measure biomechanical features, pressure, and anatomy; CAD-CAM tools for plaster-free manufacturing, and new ideas for increasing productivity and reducing manufacturing costs.

Registration is €50.00. To register, contact Hannah Harlock at hlh@delcam.com or Lisa Bigge at lab@delcam.com.

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