July 2011

Delcam opens orthotic demo center, updates design/manufacture software

Fort Myers, FL-based Delcam’s new demonstration center in Windsor, Ontario, will allow the company’s application engineers to reproduce client problems to find quick solutions, provide a venue for demonstrating applications of its digital technology, which covers a range of products for custom insoles, and improve the overall process of developing custom orthotics.

The company also has recently lanched new versions of its software for custom orthotic insole design and manufacture. OrthoModel, for design, has been updated with improved methods for development of foot-positive patterns to cover all types of functional and accommodative orthotic designs. The enhanced OrthoMill program for manufacture makes it easier for users to import custom insoles from other design pac­kages. Both updates focus on in­creas­­ing the pro­­ductivity possible with the systems, par­ticularly for companies mak­­ing soft insoles from ethyl vinyl acetate.

OrthoModel can now be used to create a library of 3D met pads and met dome models that can be wrapped onto the foot orthotic to complete the design. Users can add to the existing software library with their own designs, and editing of curves that define areas for cut-outs has been improved to allow quicker and easier modification.

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