September 2016

Data detail ConforMis implant benefits

Results from two clinical studies presented at the International Congress for Joint Reconstruction Pan Pacific Orthopaedic Congress, held August 10-13 in Gainesville, FL, show the iTotal CR customized knee replacement made by Bedford, MA-based ConforMis provides superior patient outcomes and has the potential to lower per-episode-of-care costs compared with traditional off-the-shelf (OTS) implants.

In an independent prospective investigator-initiated study of 62 total knee replacements, those who received an iTotal CR had a significantly shorter length of stay (1.6 days vs 2.7 days) and were more likely to be discharged home (97% vs 80%)  compared with OTS patients. Further, a significantly higher proportion of iTotal CR patients were able to achieve range of motion greater than or equal to 120˚ (84% vs 45%) at the time of discharge.

Based on these results and published economic data, investigators concluded the ConforMis implant has the potential to save hospitals approximately $2200 per patient.

In a separate multicenter prospective study of 740 patients, iTotal CR patients had significantly better functional outcomes—including walking, rising from a chair, and walking faster up and down stairs—compared with patients who received an OTS implant.

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