February 2021

CreakyJoints Launches Gout Podcast Series, Educational Campaign

CreakyJoints, a digital arthritis community for patients and caregivers worldwide and part of the Global Healthy Living Foundation (GHLF), has launched The Gout Show, a new podcast series and digital destination to raise awareness of gout, a form of arthritis that causes severe, sudden attacks of inflammation, often in the toe joints or other large joints. Hosted by Steve Clisby, a professional musician who was recently diagnosed with gout, the 5-episode series will feature experts and fellow patients defining gout, debunking common myths, and sharing useful tips to help other patients take control of their health. In addition to the podcast, there will be 3 bonus patient audio guides about gout diagnosis, risk factors, and the treatment landscape. The Gout Show section of the CreakyJoints website includes a quiz about uncontrolled gout, and educational and support articles specific to gout. The podcast and patient audio guides are available everywhere podcasts are downloaded or at www.creakyjoints.org/thegoutshow.

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