March 2016

ConforMis introduces knee system

Bedford, MA-based ConforMis undertook the full commercial launch of its customized posterior-stabilized (PS) knee replacement system on March 2 at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons annual meeting in Orlando, FL.

The customized iTotal PS implant is customized for each patient to avoid overhang, rotation, and sizing compromises.

The system also helps restore knee curvature and has a customized cam and spine to provide stability throughout the full range of motion.

Primary total knee implants either retain the patient’s own posterior cruciate ligament (CR), or substitute for it (PS). PS implants use a cam and spine feature that functions as the posterior cruciate ligament.

US surgeons in the US market show a heavy preference for the PS, which accounts for 72% by revenue of all primary total knee replacements, according to a ConforMis release.

The iTotal PS nearly triples the available market for ConforMis, said Philipp Lang, MD, MBA, the company’s CEO and president.

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