March 2021

Book Chronicles Boy’s Life with Clubfeet Through Ponseti Treatment

Lucky’s Feet is a new children’s book that chronicles an 8-year-old boy’s transition from having to crawl around his grandmother’s home on his hands and knees due to having been born with clubfeet, to walking to school with his brothers and sisters who give him the nickname “Lucky.” The book was written by physical therapist/bioengineer Tom Cook, PT, PhD, an emeritus faculty member at the University of Iowa and the director of global operations at Ponseti International.

The story is told from the child’s point of view as he goes from the isolation and stigma of living with a disabling birth defect (clubfoot), through his curiosity about the treatment he receives (the Ponseti method), to the joy of being reunited with his family and becoming just another kid. A caring grandmother and a skilled doctor, Olayinka Adegbehingbe, MD, are the heroes of the story.

Adegbehingbe, who is credited as the co-author of the book, treated Lucky using the Ponseti method, a non-surgical treatment based on proper gentle manipulations and plaster casting. Cook met Adegbehingbe and Lucky while on a trip to Africa while organizing training programs.

The book is available from the non-profit publisher, Clubfoot Solutions, at; all proceeds go to support the treatment of children born with clubfoot. A narrated version, complete with illustrations, is available on YouTube and Facebook at no cost.

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