April 2013

BOC wins nod for sales, customer service

The Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC) won a Stevie Award for sales and customer service at the seventh annual Stevie Awards ceremony, held in late February in Las Vegas, NV.

BOC won the award as a result of changes made after a year-long business and internal process review. Following the review, BOC improved engagement with its certificants and accredited facilities, letting them apply for and manage their credentials online through a personal web portal and customer management system.

These improvements mean staff has been more available to respond to customer needs.

BOC has also instituted year-round certification exams at convenient locations rather giving them during brief testing windows, which was once the industry standard.

In addition, BOC’s pros­pec­tive accredited facilities experience a quick turn-around time from application to site survey to determination.

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