November 2016

biodesigns socket ups walking distance

Westlake Village, CA-based biodesigns in November reported a recent 13-patient study showed its alternative transfemoral socket outperformed a standard-of-care socket in improving amputees’ balance confidence and walking capacity.

The retrospective cohort study compared results from the Activity-Specific Balance Confidence Scale (ABC) and the two-minute walk test (2MWT) in transfemoral amputees aged 26 to 58 years (two women) who had first received an ischial/ramus containment (IRC) socket (worn for at least 30 days) followed by the biodesigns socket after rejection or failure of the IRC socket. Three patients functioned at the K4 activity level; all others functioned at the K3 level.

Mean ABC scores were significantly higher with the HiFi socket than the IRC socket; the HiFi socket also was associated with significantly greater walking distance, though the difference between conditions didn’t reach the minimum detectable change threshold.

Technology and Innovation published the study in its September issue.

Randall Alley, BSc, CP, LP, biodesigns’ CEO and chief prosthetist, created the HiFI socket, which has less cumbersome walls and subischial trimlines than conventional sockets, according to a company release.

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