April 2016

Amniox allografts help heal DFUs

Atlanta-based Amniox’s umbilical cord and amniotic membrane (UC/AM) wound allograft product helped promote healing in chronic diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs), according to findings of a retrospective study presented on March 23 at the Superbones Superwounds East 2016 Conference in Teaneck, NJ.

After wound debridement, clinicians applied Neox Wound Allograft (cryopreserved UC/ AM) directly to 32 DFUs in 29 patients, securing grafts with sutures. Complete healing was achieved in 28 wounds, or 87.5%.

The initial wound area was an average of 10.6 cm2, average time to healing was 13.79 weeks, and the average number of Neox applications was 1.68.

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