March 2011

Allard launches nonprofit foundation

Rockaway, NJ-based Allard USA has formed a non-profit organization, the Dralla Foundation, to address quality of life issues not only for wearers of its devices, but for all individuals with physical challenges.

Expanding on the company’s philosophy of providing “support for better life,” the foundation will fund educational and/or training programs and sponsor events to help these individuals pursue their dreams.

“Examples of financial awards include sponsoring a group’s day activity, recreational or personal growth activities, or providing individual support for programs geared to help those with physical challenges to climb their own Mount Everest,” said grant program administrator Jennifer Buehler.

The foundation’s review board will award grants ranging from $500 to $5000.  Applications will be accepted in March and September of this year, for awards to be made in April and October. Additional grants will be awarded for special cases throughout the year. Awardees do not have to be Allard USA product users.

For more information, contact Buehler at 973-983-0123 or

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