February 2012

Allard employee, marathoner runs to boost foot drop awareness

Rockaway, NJ-based Allard USA announced its new manager of community outreach, Beth Deloria, will compete in 20 half marathons this year to inspire others with foot drop, which for Deloria was caused by severe spinal trauma and subsequent surgery.

Already a seasoned distance runner when she suffered her injury in 2004, Deloria tried to return to the road using a heavy molded orthotic brace that limited her mobility. She eventually found Allard’s ToeOff Brace, a carbon fiber orthotic device designed to mimic natural movement of leg and foot muscles.

After four months of training in the brace, Deloria ran the Chicago marathon, completing it with her fastest time ever for that race. She kicked off her 20-race schedule in January, running in the “Rock and Roll” marathon in Phoenix, AZ.

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