January 2019

ACSM Survey: Wearable Tech is New Top Fitness Trend for 2019

Wearable technology is forecast as this year’s most popular trend in fitness, according to more than 2,000 health and fitness pros surveyed by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

“We can easily monitor heart rate, count steps, track calories, and create plans,” said Walter R. Thompson, PhD, FACSM, the lead author of the survey and associate dean in the College of Education and Human Development at Georgia State University in Atlanta. “The data collected by wearable technology can be used to inform the user and their healthcare team about important daily health metrics like physical activity, and it encourages healthier lifestyle choices.”

The top 20 trends, which were ranked and published by ACSM, include group training, which maintained the number two spot; the continued popularity of high-intensity interval training; fitness programs for older adults; bodyweight training; yoga; and a growing emphasis on employing certified fitness professionals and increased interest in workplace health and wellness programs.

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