November 2013

ACA may improve preventive O&P care

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), which went into effect on October 1 and has a strong emphasis on preventive care, may help O&P practitioners offer their patients devices that prevent serious sequelae, including drop foot, foot ulcers, and amputation, said William DeToro, LO, CO, CEO of Poland, OH-based Anatomical Concepts Inc (ACI).

DeToro told LER that, under current Medicare reimbursement rules that typically don’t cover preventive O&P care, patients often receive less expensive, but functionally inferior devices that leave them at risk for long-term complications.

DeToro noted, for example, that Medicare typically won’t reimburse providers for the use of ACI’s PRAFO (pressure relief ankle foot orthosis) that provides positive heel suspension and holds the foot at 90º to prevent the heel ulcers and plantar flexion contractures that can affect patients with hemiplegia and other conditions who spend significant time in bed. The PRAFO also controls dorsiflexion and plantar flexion to facilitate adequate swing phase clearance and help prevent drop foot.

“The care we can provide is most worthwhile in savings to the American taxpayer and, more importantly, for patients,” said DeToro. “As my sales staff visits providers, I’m encouraging them to discuss what our devices can do for patients in light of the ACA’s emphasis on preventive care and penalties for hospitals that readmit patients within 30 days due to poor care and infections.”

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