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April 2022

The Future of Bike Fit (Part 2) – Interview of the Bike Fit Machine Manufacturers and Bike Fit Education Content Creators

In the September 2021 issue of Lower Extremity Review, Happy Freedman wrote an article titled “The Future of Bike Fit,” in which several bike fitters were asked their opinions about the future of bike fitting. But what about the opinions of the bike fitting machine manufacturers and the bike fitting educational course creators?

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January 2022

Here’s to a Prosperous 2022!

As I write this Publisher’s Memo, yet another in-person conference has been canceled due to Covid-19. While I thought we were making progress with more events going back to live, Covid-19 has once again reared its ugly head, dampening the demand for in-person…

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September 2021

The Future of Bike Fit

With cycling’s growing popularity—as a recreational hobby, an athletic pursuit, and a commuting alternative—making sure the bike fits the rider is key to preventing future injuries. With the pandemic, the past year has seen people of all ages and fitness levels seeking outdoor activities and alternatives to driving and public transport, resulting in a renewed popularity of cycling for health…

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May 2020

Bike Fit Unplugged

This Bike Fit specialist explains his process for fitting the cyclist, not the bike, to address the individual needs of the rider. He provided commentary to LER Editor Janice T. Radak for the photographs taken at a recent bike fitting clinic and displayed in this story. Bike Fit Unplugged is the technique I developed…

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June 2019

Bike Fitting Will Come Out From the Shadows and Into Rehab Armamentarium

Many readers may not have heard of it yet, but by the time LER turns 20, I predict it will be a common prescription…at least I hope it will be. I’m talking about bike fitting, of course. The number of individuals choosing cycling as transportation, hobby, sport, or community activity—whether it’s competitive or recreational—is increasing annually—up from around 43 million in 2014 to 47.5 million in 2017.

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November 2020

Editorial Appreciation: 2020: The Year That Was!

Some years it’s hard to say good-bye…and then there’s 2020. We’re sure we’re not the only ones happy to see it in the rearview mirror. But to just drive away is to ignore the words of Socrates, who rightfully said…

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October 2019

With Heartfelt Thanks and Appreciation

As another year draws to a close, the natural inclination is to look ahead and plan for the future. But the beauty of the year’s end also gives us the chance to look back and appreciate the path we have travelled, the lessons we have learned, and the many, many people and organizations who have helped us on that journey.

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April 2014

Cyclists and foot orthoses: A unique set of challenges

Finding the right orthotic design starts with the space limitations presented by cycling shoes, but the challenges for lower extremity practitioners don’t end there. Factors to consider when prescribing foot orthoses include biomechanics, skill level, cycling discipline, and bike technology.

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