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Ring Lock Knee 
Joint 1402-B

The design of the Modular Ring Lock Knee Joint, model 1402-B, is intended to minimize size and weight without compromising strength or durability. Universal coronal and sagittal contours… Continue reading

StabiloGen Eco
Knee Brace

Bort-Swiss Orthopedic Supply offers the new StabiloGen Eco (114 520J)—a knitted knee brace designed to prevent knee pain and provide patellar stabilization. The knee brace is engineered to… Continue reading

Home Heart Beats
AFO Assist

The Original AFO Assist from Home Heart Beats is a lower body dressing aid used by stroke survivors, patients with multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy, and other physically challenged… Continue reading

Therapeutic Plus
Diabetic Insoles

Barefoot Science has introduced Therapeutic Plus insoles for patients with diabetes. The 3D two-tone mesh top layer, designed for enhanced durability and adaptability, is also… Continue reading

Bunion Aid

New from Aircast, a DJO Global company, is the Bunion Aid. The product is a three-in-one aid that provides the benefits of a daytime device and a night splint for bunion pain relief… Continue reading

3D Flat Premium

Pro-Tec Athletics has introduced its 3D Flat Premium Compression collection of supports for the ankle, knee, and calf. The 3D flat stitching facilitates 3D shaping of the fabric, which allows… Continue reading

X-ray Views

An update for the CurveBeam pedCAT weight-bearing CT (computed tomography) imaging system introduces a feature that could eliminate the need for plain radiographs of the foot and ankle. Continue reading

Bionic Leg

AlterG offers the AlterG Bionic Leg, a robotic assistive device that is activated by patient-
initiated movement, with benefits for both the therapist and patient. The Bionic Leg is… Continue reading

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