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MyPainAway Fibro Cream

Topical BioMedics has launched MyPainAway Fibro Cream powered by Topricin, a new product for the topical treatment of fibromyalgia pain. Naturally formulated to address the issues causing the aches and pains of fibromyalgia, the cream is intended to help the body rid itself of toxins and… Continue reading

Dycor H Series Foot

Dycor’s new H Series prosthetic foot is a hybrid version of the company’s K Series foot, and a simple, lightweight, and inexpensive approach to moderate-impact assisted and unassisted prosthetic activities of daily living. Continue reading

Nail Creations Cosmetic Covers

Nail Creations are an attractive, safe, temporary cosmetic solution for damaged, infected, or missing toenails. These temporary, cosmetic grade cover-ups create the illusion of a healthy, beautiful toenail for a day at the beach or an evening out in open-toed shoes, while… Continue reading

Swede-O Thermal Supports

Swede-O announces a new generation of Thermal Supports engineered with MVT2 (Micro Ventilated Thermal) technology, which is designed to provide compression and warmth for pain relief in patients with sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries, arthritis, and other painful conditions. Continue reading

ProComp Material

New from Cascade Orthopedic Supply, ProComp is a polypro­pylene-based composite, stabilized with discontinuous carbon fiber, for the custom fabrication of lower extremity orthoses. The 3D carbon fiber matrix is discretely imbedded into the core of the laminate, which… Continue reading

KanoPrint Direct Forming Station

Kano-Labs has updated its KanoPrint Direct Forming Station, designed for the creation of custom total contact corrective orthotic devices—with the foot either in a subtalar-neutral, nonweightbearing position or in a corrected position—while accounting for soft tissue expansion. Continue reading

Microfiber Shades Socks

Sigvaris North America has announced Microfiber Shades, a fun new line of microfiber compression socks for people who need to wear graduated compression but want more playful socks with a pop of color. Continue reading

Unequal Insoles from Spenco

Spenco and Unequal Technologies have collaborated to produce insoles for athletes at risk for lower extremity stress injuries. Unequal Protective Cushioning provides ultra-thin comfort, and Unequal Protective Stability has a lightweight orthotic cradle. Continue reading

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