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FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve

Allied OSI Labs has added the FS6 Compression Sleeve to its growing catalog of products for foot and ankle practices. The FS6 Compression Sleeve is designed to relieve the pain and swelling associated with plantar fasciitis by offering six zones of compression and support: firm compression… Continue reading

Orpyx SurroSense Rx

Orpyx’s flagship product, the SurroSense Rx, is a wearable tool to help manage and track complications associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The SurroSense Rx system alerts the user via a smartwatch when plantar pressures are detected above a threshold level for a prolonged period, so… Continue reading

SportsAT 2.0 Software

New from Tekscan, the SportsAT 2.0 software provides essential information for complete balance and concussion assessments. Sports medicine professionals can use SportsAT 2.0 to complete objective baseline and postinjury tests, quickly assess injury risk, identify asymmetries, and… Continue reading

TheraSport Leg Sleeves

Therafirm’s new TheraSport brand introduces TheraSport Athletic Leg Sleeves to round out a product line engineered to improve circulation and help provide energy for greater endurance, enhanced performance, and a speedy recovery. The soft, lightweight sleeves feature a comfortable band with a… Continue reading

3DSizeME with Color Detection

The 3DsizeME system from TechMed 3D—including the Structure Sensor, 3DsizeME free iPad app, and MSoft software—is a compact, versatile, and affordable scanning solution that now offers a new color detection feature. Operators can now use colored positioning targets to identify anatomical landmarks or… Continue reading

FootFidget Exercise Device

Designed by physical therapists, the FootFidget is a versatile exercise device for health and fitness that can be used as a dynamic footrest when sitting or standing for long periods of time. “Fidgeting” (pressing the foot against the device’s flexible resistance bands) while sitting or standing can help improve… Continue reading

Tendon Trak For Tendinopathy

Created by a physical therapist for treating lower extremity tendinopathies, the Tendon Trak from Innovative Bracing supports the tendon to decrease pain and improve function by facilitating anatomically efficient muscle contraction without excessive compression. Continue reading

WalkingHealth Fall-Risk Analysis

WalkJoy has updated the software used with its namesake gait restoration product to help clinicians assess a patient’s risk of falling. WalkingHealth is a portable gait analysis tool to identify a patient’s risk of falling as low, medium, or… Continue reading

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