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PediFix ToeBuddy Long

Foot specialists since 1885, PediFix now offers a new version of its popular Visco-Gel ToeBuddy for dividing crooked toes, including overlapping, hammer, claw, and mallet toes… Continue reading

Perforated Memory Foam Top Cover

ComfortFit Labs has expanded its topcover choices to seven with its purple perforated Memory Foam Top Cover. The 1/8″ topcover forms to the contour of the foot based on heat. With perforations for improved air flow, it is designed to be both comfortable and durable… Continue reading

Acor AFO Gauntlets

For 2016, Acor has updated its custom AFO Gauntlets, which are handmade in the company’s Cleveland, OH, facility. Also known as a “Leather Lacer,” the company’s most popular AFO (ankle foot orthosis) gauntlet is the G9210. This particular design comes with… Continue reading

Allied OSI Foot Gym Pro

Allied OSI Labs now offers the Foot Gym Pro, an all-in-one tool for performing eight different foot and ankle strengthening and rehabilitation exercises including toe curl, toe extension, dorsiflexion, plantar fascia… Continue reading

Orpyx LogR Analysis System

Orpyx LogR is a technology solution designed for accurate, efficient, and real-time foot and plantar pressure measurement and analysis. Featuring comfortable sensor-embedded shoe inserts, a simple but powerful iOS application, and cloud-based software… Continue reading

Swede-O Patella Tracker

Swede-O introduces the Patella Tracker, a thermal support designed to help reduce swelling and associated pain while providing gentle counter “traction” to help prevent the patella from shifting out of position… Continue reading

Sheer Ease Hosiery

Therafirm is releasing an addition to its new brand, Ease by Therafirm. Sheer Ease styles include open- and closed-toe knee highs, thigh highs, and pantyhose in three compression levels—mild (15-20 mm Hg),  moderate… Continue reading

Prefabricated DynaFlange

Apex introduces a prefabricated version of its custom Dyna­Flange orthotic support. This over-the-counter device features a rearfoot flange, which flexes at three points during heel strike to minimize the deforming effects of impact. Dyna­Flange orthotic supports are designed to… Continue reading

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