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AposTherapy Foot Device

AposTherapy is a personalized, nonsurgical treatment program for knee and back pain, based on a biomechanical device worn on the foot that is individually calibrated by specially trained physical therapists. Continue reading

Prepreg Ankle Foot Orthosis

The new dynamic ankle foot orthosis from Motion Unlimited is fabricated completely out of prepreg material for an orthosis that is intimate-fitting, lightweight, high-functioning, and durable. Continue reading

Advantage Orthosis

New from Earthwalk Orthotics is the Advantage orthosis, designed to address the additional impact a runner experiences at the first metatarsophalangeal joint. This encom­passes an everted rearfoot and a pes planovalgus foot type. Continue reading

Rejuva Support Socks

Dr. Comfort now offers fashionable compression legwear from Rejuva. Rejuva knee-high support socks are available in an assortment of styles and colors so that users can find a look that fits their style. Continue reading

XcelTrax Walking Boots

Newly introduced by DJO Global is the XcelTrax family of walking boots, designed for support and comfort following trauma or postoperative procedures involving the lower leg, ankle, or forefoot. Continue reading

Hollow Core Foam Rollers

Pro-Tec Athletics offers Hollow Core Foam Rollers, available in contoured or smooth styles. The contoured high density foam roller features raised sections—long ridges and pronounced bumps—to stimulate blood flow and allow for a customized deep massage. Continue reading

L15 and Leina Comfort Shoes

Arcopedico USA offers new styles and colors for women. Designed with travel in mind, the new L15 slip-on collection boasts a nonelastic upper for comfort, flexibility, and circulation support. The slide-on walking shoes are machine-washable. Continue reading

Helix S Ankle Support

New from Bort-Swiss Orthopedic Supply is the Helix S Spiraldynamik Lower Ankle Support, designed to stabilize the ankle, activate the foot muscles through compression, and provide functional supportive restraint for classic foot deformities. Continue reading

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