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JMS Plastics New Fiberglass Casting Tape

JMS Plastics Supply proudly introduces J-Cast, a new orthopedic fiberglass casting tape. The new J-Cast fiberglass casting tape is described by the company as simple to mold and comfortable to wear. The newly introduced orthopedic product is designed to offer excellent ventilation and less irritation than similar existing products. Continue reading

Custom-molded shoes and AFOs for every walk of life

Pride in our workmanship continues to advance to new heights – today every stitch, seam and styling line utilizes state-of-the-art computer animated design and 3D modeling techniques. Continue reading

Breakthrough HV3 Bunion Bracing Sleeve

OS1st Base Layer Bracing announces its breakthrough bracing sleeves for Bunions. Shown here is the HV3 Bunion Bracing Sleeve for Hallux Valgus pain and re-alignment. This Patent Pending bunion splint design is truly a breakthrough. Continue reading

A Major Breakthrough In Heel Pain Relief

We’ve got the solution to your heel pain issues after countless hours of research and thousands of dollars spent on technology and testing. The Heel Defender- heel orthotic has been predicted to become the premier option for relieving heel pain in adults and children in the near future. Unlike other heel orthotics which are not design to target specific trouble areas, Heel Defender orthotics can help remove impact force on the heel. Continue reading

Hatchbacks Introduces Larger Sizes

Hatchbacks eliminates buying expensive customized shoes or spending hours in the shoe store trying every extra wide shoe available. We have shoes from child 5 to Youth 6 which can accommodate ranges in length from 5 1/2” to 10 3/8”. Children and young adults can find shoes that are easy to put on and alleviate the headache in fitting shoes over AFO braces. Continue reading

Össur Formfit Pro 3D Compressive Knit Solutions

Össur has introduced the new Össur Formfit Pro line of 3D compressive knit solutions, designed for people suffering from different musculoskeletal conditions or ailments, yet remain passionate about staying active. Össur‘s Formfit Pro range includes the Formfit Pro Knee for compression and patella support; Formfit Pro Knee OA, which… Continue reading

Data-Gathering Performance Treadmills

Mobius, AMTI’s new line of performance treadmills, comes in two models: one fixed-tilt and one inclinable, capable of a 25% gradient. Both models have two independent 8800N-capacity force platforms, and a frame engineered to achieve the highest possible natural frequency, with the goal of providing industry-leading data quality. Continue reading

Sock Aid

Advanced S.A. International Ltd. now offers the new Sock Aid for easy donning and doffing of socks for people who have difficulty bending or other mobility issues. The cordless unit requires easy one-handed operation and is compact for traveling. For donning, the sock is affixed to Easy On Sock Aid fully open and inside out with the heel in the correct position. Continue reading

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