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AeroSpring Brace Systems

Created as an alternative to heavy, difficult-to-secure walking boots, the new Richie AeroSpring Brace Systems have been designed to treat common conditions treated with walking boots. The AeroSpring “system approach” combines the therapeutic effects of a… Continue reading

Game Changer Knee OA Brace

Ovation Medical has introduced the new Game Changer Premium Universal OA Knee Brace, designed to get knee osteoarthritis patients back to as much activity as possible. The brace should be worn for 30 to 60 minutes on the first day, and… Continue reading

Coral Daily Vitamin D3

Coral now offers Coral Daily Vitamin D3, designed to help maintain strong bones and good overall health in the millions of Americans who are deficient in vitamin D, even during the summer months when sun exposure promotes natural vitamin D production. Continue reading

Vertex Camera From Vicon

Academy Award-winning Vicon has announced the availability of a new compact camera, the Vertex. The Vertex camera boasts a small and flexible design, with wide angle fields of view, allowing it to capture significant volumes in very tight spaces. Continue reading

KidSport Insoles

KidSport Cushioning Insoles are new, affordable full-length insoles from Powerstep that are specifically designed for children. KidSport is a fully cushioned, less aggressive option for children’s footwear, which often lacks sufficient cushioning or support. Continue reading

WalkOn Reaction Junior AFO

Ottobock launches WalkOn Reaction Junior ankle foot orthosis (AFO). Based on the WalkOn Reaction Plus, the WalkOn Reaction Junior is designed for children requiring greater support than traditional dorsiflexion-assist AFOs provide. Continue reading

Hyperion II Footwear

Xelero has replaced its original best-selling pedorthic shoe, Hyperion, with the Hyperion II. This outdoor shoe, optimized for excursions in extreme conditions, is available as a women’s low top and a men’s low top and high top. Continue reading

Adjustable Knee Brace

Elite Orthopaedics introduces the Advantage Post Operative Adjustable Knee Brace, designed to provide controlled range of motion for patients recovering from knee surgery or those who have knee injuries or instabilities. Continue reading

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