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FreeSport Knee Sleeve and Wrap

Breg has launched the FreeSport knee sleeve and wrap for athletes with mild to moderate discomfort, patellar maltracking, and related injuries such as runner’s knee. The FreeSport knee sleeve and wrap were created as a solution to issues of patient… Continue reading

SenMoCOR Rehab System

SenMoCOR (Sensory Motor Control-Oriented Rehabilitation) offers the user and the clinician immediate visual feedback regarding sensory motor control with an easy-to-wear laser and laser targets. Developed by the International Academy of Orthopedic… Continue reading

ProTech Met Foot Orthosis

Powerstep’s new ProTech Met offers the stability, support and comfort of the company’s ProTech Full Length Orthotic but has the added benefit of a built-in metatarsal pad, which helps spread and cushion the metatarsal heads to… Continue reading

Spring Footwear From Spenco

Spenco introduces its new fashion-forward footwear for spring 2015. New this year are Crackle and Nightlight athletic slides, which capture the bright, rich color trend in popular footwear. Other sandals feature metallic embellishments, reptilian textures… Continue reading

Curbell Transfer Paper Website

Curbell Plastics is introducing myDesignOandP.com, a new website that allows patients to explore patterns and colors of transfer papers to personalize thermoplastic orthotic and prosthetic devices. Involving patients, and pediatric patients in particular… Continue reading

Dynamic Chopart Gait Stabilizer

Hersco offers a new Dynamic Chopart Gait Stabilizer as the latest addition to its line of ankle foot orthoses (AFOs). The new Dynamic Chopart Gait Stabilizer is an AFO designed for Chopart amputees who wish to remain active. Addressing concerns about AFOs feeling… Continue reading

ManukaMed Honey Dressing

ManukaMed USA has launched an improved version of its ManukaHD Lite honey-impregnated dressing, designed to provide active absorption of wound exudates and maximum exposure to medical-grade Leptospermum scoparium (Manuka) honey… Continue reading

Expedition Foot Orthosis

Footmaxx has introduced the Expedition, a durable and lightweight orthotic device featuring a carbon fiber module, Poron XRD midlayer, and silver-infused X-Static topcover for… Continue reading

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