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Coral Mag Fizz Supplement

Coral Mag Fizz is a beverage enhancer designed to boost the body’s ability to perform and recover by utilizing magnesium and potassium, an essential mineral duo reported to help relieve muscle cramps by improving muscle and nerve function and regulating the body’s water balance. Continue reading

Exercise Plan Software

PhysioTools software makes creating exercise programs quick and easy. Select exercises, customize the text, and then email or print the resulting handout. The new app can be used to send exercise plans to a smartphone or tablet. Each exercise includes clearly written instructions, color photographs and… Continue reading

Mephisto Maryse Sandal

New to the Mobils by Mephisto line of comfort footwear is the Maryse sandal for women, a slingback wedge sandal with a polyurethane outsole, nubuck upper, and three adjustable Velcro straps. A key feature of all Mobils footwear is the all-over soft padding—cushioning between the lining and the soft leather upper that… Continue reading

College Park Sidekicks

Introducing College Park’s Sidekicks, the first multi-axial stubbie feet for foreshortened prostheses. Used in pairs, the feet encourage muscle activity to assist bilateral transfemoral amputees with rehabilitation, especially when the goal is a transition to microprocessor knees. Continue reading

Reformulated Relief Cream

Relief topical analgesic from Corganics has a new and improved formulation, with more menthol than in the original (3% vs 2.5%) for increased effectiveness and an improved preservative system designed to ensure a three-year shelf life. The analgesic cream features a synergistic blend of essential oils… Continue reading

Strap Pilates Book, 2nd Ed

A second edition of Stretch Out Strap Pilates Essentials has been published by OPTP and certified Stott Pilates instructor Angela Kneale. The book shows participants how to enhance Pilates movements by effectively using the Stretch Out Strap, a tool that features multiple loops for deep, personalized self-stretching. Continue reading

Rebound Dual Knee Brace

Össur has launched the Rebound Dual, a malleable, comfortable knee brace for people with ligament issues, including ligament instabilities, and knee osteoarthritis. The Rebound Dual brace is suitable for people who participate in low-to-high impact activities, including sliding sports. Continue reading

Sharp Shape Scanning Package

The newest addition to the AOMS (Automated Orthotic Manufacturing System) family of products from Sharp Shape is the TOT (Transformation of Technology) package, designed to lower practitioner scanner costs. Continue reading

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