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DryPro Probiotic Cast Relief Spray

DryPro, a division of DryCorp, introduces Cast Relief Probiotic spray. The new Cast Relief formula is engineered to allow users of all ages to remain itch and odor free while wearing a lower extremity cast. Probiotic Cast Relief is designed to be safe, natural, chemical free, eco-friendly, and biodegradable. Continue reading

Convertible TPD AFO

The new Convertible Mueller TPD AFO (tibialis posterior dysfunction ankle foot orthosis) is a detachable, dynamic AFO for staged treatment of TPD and related pathologies, including ten­dinopathy, desmopathy, and dysfunctional flatfoot. Continue reading

Korebalance Rehab System

The Korebalance is an advanced rehabilitation system for professional use with interactive technology for neurosensory training and assessment. The Korebalance offers clinicians accurate and objective tools to assess and improve patients’ balance, posture, coordination, stability, and… Continue reading

AirShift OA Knee Brace

Newly redesigned, the AirShift OA Knee Brace from Med Spec uses the power of air to comfortably relieve pain associated with unicompartmental osteo­arthritis. The durable air bladder system allows patients and practitioners to easily adjust the level of unloading. Continue reading

OLT Footcare Scanner

OLT Footcare offers modern scanning technology to facilitate orthotic device design for practitioners who treat patients with foot, ankle, knee, and hip problems. OLT Footcare’s new scanner takes only two seconds per foot, and records a 3D image along with all measurement of… Continue reading

Sure Stabilizer Ankle Brace

Niagara Brace and Tru-Mold Shoes have combined their more than 60 years of shoemaking experience and computer-assisted design and manufacturing technology to create the new custom-molded Sure Stabilizer Brace for patients who have had difficulty with… Continue reading

MatPlus Advanced Manufacturing

MatPlus announces its manufacturing capabilities now include fabric lamination and compression cutting. New equipment allows the company to adhere many porous materials to foams via a dry lamination process, which helps address the challenges associated with… Continue reading

Jack and Jill Diabetic Footwear

Ped-Lite introduces Jack and Jill athletic footwear for patients with diabetes. The athletic shoes are designed with an ultra-light sole and breathable mesh upper to bring comfort to the diabetic foot. Double depth and elastic-lace closure provide a quality fit and help… Continue reading

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