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SmartTemp Liner

WillowWood’s Alpha SmartTemp Liner brings temperature control to prosthetic liners with Outlast, a heat management technology that was developed for NASA. The product is designed to absorb heat… Continue reading

pHast Legs for DOMS

Rocktape’s new pHast Legs is a new product designed to keep an athlete’s pH levels in balance, reducing the incidence and severity of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and recovery time. During exercise… Continue reading

Ped Lite Penny Loafer

Ped Lite is proud to introduce the Scott, an adjustable penny loafer specifically designed for patients with diabetes. With a roomy 6/16″ of extra depth, the Scott loafer is designed to be both stylish and affordable… Continue reading

Niagara Custom AFOs

Niagara Brace announces a new line of custom thermoplastic ankle foot orthoses (AFOs). These braces are made from a cast or computer scan using 3D imaging and CAD-CAM technology, with a standard… Continue reading

Neolon with Silpure

JMS Plastics Supply introduces its Neolon top cover, which incorporates Silpure into neoprene. Neolon with Silpure provides antimicrobial protection against bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus using… Continue reading

Leg Health iPad App

Sigvaris introduces a new iPad app for practitioners who advise patients about their leg health. The app helps explain the circulatory system and leg health conditions to patients in an illustrative way that is… Continue reading

Innowalk Mobility Device

Thanks to a new partnership agreement between Ottobock and Norway-based company Made for Movement, Ottobock has exclusive distribution rights in North America for the Innowalk, a motorized… Continue reading

Comfortable Klogs

Klogs for men and women are designed to mimic the comfort of walking barefoot. A range of individuals—including teachers, chefs, medical providers, outdoor enthusiasts, and senior citizens—can benefit from… Continue reading

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