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KLM Ankle Brace

The new KLM Brace from KLM Laboratories is a custom-molded gauntlet-style ankle foot orthosis (AFO) specifically designed to stabilize the lower extremity, improve mobility, reduce pain, and decrease the risk of falls in patients with instability… Continue reading

OA Reaction Web Brace

DJO Global’s DonJoy brand offers the new OA Reaction Web brace as a discreet solution for knee osteoarthritis pain. The brace frame features lightweight silicone hexagonal webbing, with a soft silicone condylar pad and air pockets that… Continue reading

Helli Dynamic Walking Shoe

The Helli Dynamic Walking Shoe from Waldlaufer USA is designed for people suffering from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, hallux limitus, or metatarsal pain. The mild rocker sole supports the arch while gently propelling the foot through the gait cycle… Continue reading

Standard Cyborg Water Leg

The Standard Cyborg Water Leg is a 3D-printed, waterproof leg that a transtibial amputee can use in the shower, at the beach, or in the pool with no need to worry about damaging his or her primary prosthesis. The 30-minute scanning process can be… Continue reading

LP EmbioZ Socks

La Pointique International offers the new LP EmbioZ Ankle Stabilizer Socks in regular (pictured) and calf lengths. The sock design features a Heel Lock strap to support and stabilize the ankle joint, helping to reduce the risk of ankle sprain. Continue reading

Mephisto Mobils Ergonomic Shoes

The Mobils Ergonomic Collection of all-over padded shoes by Mephisto includes three advanced technological features. All-over soft padding between the lining and the natural leather upper cushions the entire foot. The anatomic removable foot­bed… Continue reading

APS-500 Polyethylene

The new APS-500 material from Allied O&P Supply is a flesh tone colored, high-strength polyethylene that can be used in place of Sureform and Subortholen when making custom foot orthoses. It is suitable for deep draws and embossing. Continue reading

Coral Chewables Supplements

The new Coral Chewables supplement has a Bavarian cream flavor and delivers 500 mg of bioavailable coral calcium in addition to 73 other minerals. The above-sea coral calcium is intended to help patients reduce the risk of osteoporosis and… Continue reading

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