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Dr. Harvey’s Herbal Motion

Dr. Harvey’s Herbal Motion is a new cream developed by New York orthopedic surgeon Harvey Manes, MD, to help soothe aches and pains with all natural ingredients as an alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs and chemical-based creams. The formula includes capsaicin… Continue reading

PDE Orthosis From Fabtech

Fabtech Systems offers the new PDE (posterior dynamic element) Orthosis, an advanced below-knee composite orthosis utilizing the PDE modular composite spring system for a range of orthotic applications including ankle and calf weakness. Continue reading

Abeo Biomechanical Footwear

Abeo biomechanical footwear promotes comfort, mobility, and overall health and wellness, along with classic footwear designs. Product lines include B.I.O.system (stands for built-in orthotics) sandals and shoes, AeroSystem athletic performance footwear… Continue reading

Support the Foot Quick Tape

New from Support the Foot is Quick Tape, a one-piece foot tape that offers a convenient
alternative to low Dye taping. Clinicians can now ditch the scissors, adhesive spray, and different sizes of tape for one easy and efficient Quick Tape application. Continue reading

STS Trans-Tibial Molding Sock

The STS Company has announced the addition of a new molding sock to its family of casting materials. The Trans-Tibial sock, developed as a part of a postoperative rigid dressing system introduced recently in Australia, is suited for obtaining a negative… Continue reading

Tetra-Flex Clip-Free Bandage

Tetra announces the Tetra-Flex CF (clip free) Woven Elastic Bandage. Tetra-Flex CF is a premium weave of Spandex and selected long-staple cotton providing maximum compression and durability, and its new self-closure system now makes it easy to apply and… Continue reading

SPIO Lower Body Orthosis

The SPIO Lower Body Orthosis is designed to assist with gait and stability in pediatric patients with spastic diplegia, hypotonia, Down syndrome, ataxia, autism, and sensory processing disorder, as well as other diagnoses. The specially milled fabric is lightweight… Continue reading

Anti-embolism Stockings

Sigvaris offers a new generation of anti-embolism stockings to help prevent deep venous thrombosis and provide the benefits of graduated compression for patients transitioning from recovery to early rehabilitation. Available in calf-length and… Continue reading

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