March 2017

SALSA study reports on Orpyx smart insoles

A study published in January found alerts given by Calgary, Canada-based Orpyx Medical Technologies’ smart insoles at least once every two hours could help enhance patients’ adherence to offloading cues.

In the study from the University of Arizona Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA) clinic led by David G. Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD, 17 patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy at a high risk of developing diabetic foot ulcers wore the SurroSense Rx pressure-sensitive inserts for three months. The inserts connect to a smartwatch that alerts wearers to dangerous levels of pressure, allowing patients to offload it.

When given alert-based feedback, patients spent 47% less time in high-risk pressure states.

Investigators defined a successful alert response as pressure offloading within 20 minutes. Patients whose response adherence increased over time got more alerts (.82 ± .31 alerts/hour) than patients whose adherence didn’t improve (.36 ± .46 alerts/hour). By the study’s final stages, participants who got at least one alert every two hours were more adherent with off­loading than participants who received fewer alerts.

The Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology epublished the research on January 30.

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- Emily Delzell

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