July 2017

Panel issues protocols for Össur hip brace

A multidisciplinary panel of clinical experts in June released treatment protocol recommendations for three populations of patients with hip osteoarthritis (OA) that included first-time advice regarding Foothills Ranch, CA-based Össur’s Unloader Hip brace.

The expert consensus panel made recommendations for young­er patients (aged 55 years or younger), patients with active lifestyles who want to continue moderate to vigorous activity levels regardless of age, and older patients who want to maintain or regain their former activity levels.

The expert panel recommended that, instead of relying on a patient’s age and OA stage as automatic criteria for hip bracing, the Unloader Hip could be applicable to all three categories of patients with mild to moderate hip OA as a supplement to the recommended core treatment. The panel also developed the Unloader Hip Brace Test, which included walking and handling assessments and a self-administered patient questionnaire.

Read the consensus document at ossur.com/unloader-hip.

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