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May 2018

PERSPECTIVE: Chiropractic Medicine

Dr. Ross is Director of Education Year 1, and associate professor at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He conducts educational sessions on behalf of Orthotic Holdings Inc.

By J. Kim Ross, DC, PhD Continue reading

May 2018

Wearable sensors assess relationship between foot problems and frailty

Assessing how foot problems— namely, pain, neuropathy, and deformity— contribute to frailty syndrome has been a challenge for researchers, as transporting frail elders to lab facilities creates its own set of issues. But a recent study from the University of Arizona used wearable sensors to assess the seniors in their “natural” environment and found significant relationships between the number of foot problems and degree of frailty. Continue reading

May 2018

Three-year follow-up: Close contact casting vs surgery

In a pre-specified, 3-year extension of a randomized clinical trial of equivalence, close-contact casting maintained equivalence in function compared to surgery in older adults with unstable ankle fracture. Furthermore, no significant differences were reported in quality of life or pain. The authors concluded that the focus of treatment for these patients should be on obtaining and maintaining reduction until union, using the most conservative means possible. Continue reading

May 2018

Lower-extremity amputation feared more than death

Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are known for their life-threatening complications—in particular, blindness from retinopathy, kidney failure, and peripheral neuropathy. For patients with diabetes and foot pathology, amputation is a significant worry. A recent study in Foot & Ankle Specialist sought to understand just how much this population fears lower-extremity amputation (LEA).

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May 2018

Wasp stings: Some really do hurt more than others, and how to counsel patients

As summer approaches and we become more active outdoors, wasps will become more active, too. Two recent studies highlight the pain and danger of the ubiquitous wasp. The first study, from entomologists at the University of Utah, looked at stinger length compared to reported pain and toxicity.1 Continue reading

May 2018

Flip flops, bare feet, or sports shoes: Which are best and which are worst?

Many have long suspected the answer, but a new study would appear to resolve the question: Are flip flops really that bad for your feet? According to Chen and colleagues from the Department of Biomedical Engineering at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, flip flops are most likely no better than barefoot when it comes to lower-limb co-contraction and joint contact force in the ankle. Continue reading

May 2018

In a perfect world, no one would need health insurance

In my podiatric practice, I have found that health insurance can impede patient care, by adding layers of complication and burden to all involved, particularly the patient and the provider. Private-sector insurance companies have profits to make, buildings to build, shareholders to satisfy, and overhead costs to pay. Government-run plans have costs, exclusionary policies, bureaucratic oversight, and a changing landscape as administrations change.

By Jay Segel, DPM Continue reading

June 2018

Med Spec Supinator PTT Stabilizer

Med Spec introduces the new Supinator PTT Stabilizer, a comfortable and relatively low-profile brace for the treatment of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD). With its patent-pending design, the Supinator reduces overpronation by applying a supinating force. Continue reading

June 2018

Mastercare Mini Therapy Table

Mastercare – The Swedish Back Care System, Model Mini is a professional therapy table that can be used to reduce injury risk for runners. The unit strengthens and decompresses the muscles of the back to relieve pressure on the lower extremity joints, as well as the back. The table is easy-to-use and folds away for convenient storage when not in use. Continue reading

June 2018

Capture Complete Gait Analysis in Minutes!

Tekscan’s Strideway has simplified the gait analysis process with easy access to essential gait parameters and a platform that is flexible in length. Unlike other systems, Strideway provides pressure information, as well as spatial, temporal and kinetic parameters for a complete gait analysis. Continue reading

June 2018

Pro Select Full Shell Pneumatic Walker

The Pro Select Full Shell Air Walker from Elite Orthopaedics, Inc.features a full circumference shell design that provides controlled immobilization of the lower leg, ankle, and foot. A breathable insole, featuring patent-pending technology, allows for air to circulate to prevent the accumulation of heat during patient usage. Continue reading

June 2018

Fracture Sock to Reduce Irritation

New from Elite Orthopaedics is the Fracture Sock, designed to reduce skin irritation while wearing an ankle walker. The latex-free fracture sock is composed of 100% synthetic knit for superior moisture absorption. An improved cross stitch provides better compression, which helps reduce the risk of friction and lessens the risk of sock bunching. Continue reading

April 2018

Limb Salvage or Amputation of the Diabetic Foot?

The decision often hinges on how a given inter­vention will affect the patient’s quality of life. How, then, to define optimal QoL for your patient, and to agree on the means to achieve it? As clinicians well know, diabetes puts patients at risk of foot ulcers that can lead to poor outcomes, evidenced by the 40% 5-year mortality in patients with newly diagnosed diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs).

By Cary Groner Continue reading

April 2018

Making the most of resistance training in the management of knee osteoarthritis

Most physical therapists maintain that resistance training is beneficial to patients with knee osteoarthritis, but evidence from trials that have been designed with consistency is lacking. Experts discuss how to create an effective regimen given this information vacuum.

By Jill R. Dorson Continue reading

April 2018

Gait therapy in osteoarthritis of the hip: An assessment

Although clinicians and researchers have been gathering data for the use of gait therapy in patients with knee OA for some time, its use in hip OA is less far along, but shows promise. Does correcting for gait abnormalities have a role in the treatment of hip osteoarthritis (OA)?

By Nicole Wetsman Continue reading

April 2018

Footwear Designed to Reduce Risk of Falling

Described by the manufacturer as the first-ever footwear scientifically designed to reduce a person’s risk of falling, the Moore Balance Shoe (MBS) by Apex is the latest in OHI’s suite of fall risk therapies. The shoes feature a firm, adjustable heel counter with convenient Velcro strap closure. Continue reading

April 2018

Does athletes’ divided attention affect mechanics associated with ACL injury?

We might be falling short in our efforts to prevent ACL injury by allowing athletes to focus on how they are moving during screening. Almost 8 million athletes participate in high school sports each year in the United States, and an additional 490,000 compete at the intercollegiate level.

By Sarah Marie Tighe, SPT, and Thomas Gus Almonroeder, PT, DPT, PhD Continue reading

April 2018

The future is now— Implications of 3D technology for orthoses

2018 is shaping up as a breakthrough year for 3D printing in orthoses, as the industry moves from promise to reality. Experts agree: Three-dimensional printing will deliver custom clinical products, designed for individual patients at an affordable price.

By Keith Loria Continue reading

April 2018

CMS updates 2018 Medi­care fee schedules

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has posted a Medicare fee schedule update effective April 1, 2018, announcing that diabetic shoe inserts fabricated using scanning devices will be now reimbursed using temporary HCPCS code K0903 at the same rate as inserts made over a positive model of the patient’s foot (A5513). The fee schedule for K0903 is set at $43.56, the current Medicare fee schedule for A5513. Continue reading

April 2018

FootFlexor for Patients with Foot Drop

Core Products International introduces the FootFlexor, described as a functional and comfortable AFO that allows the foot to perform naturally while walking. Designed to work with most lace-up shoes and boots, the FootFlexor works by incorporating the FootFlexor Wrap, eyelet clips, and a tension cord to help lift the toe during gait. Continue reading

April 2018

PFA 59th annual symposium set for November

The Pedorthic Footcare Association (PFA) will hold its 59th Annual Symposium and Exhibition November 15 through 17, at the Marriott Grand in St Louis, MO. According to the PFA, this meeting is the largest educational event in the world solely dedicated to the practice of pedorthics and offers a full program of general and breakout sessions, networking and exhibiting opportunities, and social events. Continue reading

April 2018

Lynda Woodruff, Leader in physical therapy education

Lynda Woodruff, PT, PhD, a visiting professor at Alabama State University (ASU), where she initiated the transitional doctor of physical therapy program, died at age 70 years on March 20. She was a lifetime American Physical Therapy Association member. Continue reading

April 2018

Biofreeze Soothing Pain Relief Cream

Biofreeze is launching its new Soothing Pain Relief Cream. Biofreeze also offers gel, roll-on, and spray external pain relief products. Research-proven to provide temporary relief from many aches and pains, Biofreeze Soothing Pain Relief Cream also hydrates and moisturizes the skin. Indications include sore muscles and joints, sprains, strains, and bruises. Continue reading

April 2018

Charles Southerland, DPM, receives humanitarian award

Charles Southerland, DPM, received the Humanitarian Award at the 98th Annual American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) House of Delegates meeting, held March 20 in Washington, D, in recognition of his medical missionary work. He serves as program director for the Yucatan Crippled Children’s Project. Continue reading

April 2018

Scope-of-practice legislation progresses in South Carolina

Legislation to expand the scope of practice in South Carolina to include the ankle under podiatric medical care received a second read April 4 in the state House of Representatives. The measure was voted forward by a 71-42 vote. The legislation was supported by the South Carolina Podiatric Medical Association. Continue reading