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August 2017

Statin users demonstrate decreased incidence of diabetic foot infection

Statin use may be protective against diabetic foot infection, according to research from Iran published in the July issue of Wounds.

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August 2017

Out on a Limb: Seeking a safer preseason

Anyone watching the injuries accumulate during the most recent National Football League (NFL) preseason might be en­couraged by the league’s  plans to shorten the pre­season from four weeks to three. But the medical literature suggests a much better way to reduce the incidence of preseason injuries.

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August 2017

Genesis XPS Pedorthic Shoes

Xelero introduces Genesis XPS pedorthic shoes for men and women. The shoes, which have a narrower outsole than the company’s Matrix models for a less-bulky appearance, feature an XPS propulsion… Continue reading

August 2017

RunScribe Wearable Sensors

RunScribe is a new wearable sensor system for data-driven runners, coaches, and clinicians to analyze stride. By capturing every foot strike, RunScribe provides a comprehensive view of a runner’s mechanics over the… Continue reading

August 2017

ProSelfCare Bum Wrap

The Bum Wrap from ProSelfCare is a fanny-pack style wrap that fits around the hips. It combines a hot/cold compress with therapy balls in an adjustable wrap to target and relieve muscle knots and trigger point pain in the… Continue reading

August 2017

Quadrastep E+ Orthoses

Nolaro24 introduces the Quad­ra­step E+ orthotic device to its Quadrastep System line, which provides custom-to-foot-type prefabricated foot orthoses as a state of the art alternative to traditional custom orthotic management. Continue reading

August 2017

Easy Walk Experience Shoes

New from Arcopedico USA is the Easy Walk Experience Collection of Portuguese-made comfort and travel footwear for active lifestyles, with a lower price point and new fabric technology. Continue reading

August 2017

MediCordz Lower Body Kit

Responding to customer requests, NZ Manufacturing now offers the MediCordz Core Stabilization Lower Body kit. Designed in conjunction with therapists from multiple disciplines, the Lower Body kit provides a… Continue reading

August 2017

Instavit Vitamin D Spray

Instavit now offers supplemental vitamin D in a spray delivery system to help improve lower extremity bone health in patients who have difficulty taking supplements in pill form. Referred to informally by the company as the… Continue reading

August 2017

BRD Sport G18 Knee Brace

The new BRD Sport G18 Knee Brace, with anatomically contoured 3D knit construction, now is even more comfortable and easier to apply. The knee sleeve is intended to aid recovery and reduce pain and… Continue reading

August 2017

Pro-Select Ankle Brace

New from Elite Orthopaedics is the Pro-Select Lace Up Ankle Brace, which retails for $12. The brace is intended for patients with chronic weak ankles, post ankle trauma, postop ankle… Continue reading

August 2017

Performance Protein Powder

Designer Protein’s Essential 10 Performance Protein supplement provides nutrients to aid postworkout recovery, alleviate muscle aches, and replenish electrolytes. Continue reading

August 2017

Sigvaris Accutab Compression Wraps

Sigvaris now offers three inelastic compression wraps, all featuring an Accutab system that allows clinicians to prescribe a compression level for their patients and allows patients to easily set the correct initial compression… Continue reading

August 2017

Copper Cloud Diabetic Socks

Apex now offers the new Copper Cloud Heavenly Diabetic Socks, designed to provide “heavenly” comfort while helping to reduce the risk of foot ulcers. The socks feature copper yarn, known for its antibacterial, antifungal, and… Continue reading

July 2017

Gaps remain in literature on insoles and back pain

When it comes to the evidence-based use of foot orthoses to manage low back pain, clinicians and researchers point to a need for more comparisons of therapeutic devices and sham devices. Conducting such studies, however, is sometimes easier said than done.

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July 2017

Scoliosis bracing: Potential effects on gait and balance

Idiopathic scoliosis, most common in adolescent girls, is marked by a single or double spinal curve, hip and shoulder asymmetry, and pelvic obliquity (or limb-length discrepancy). These structural issues can be associated with biomechanical issues that include postural instability…

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July 2017

A lower body approach to lumbar pain in pitchers

What do gators, windmills, and lawnmowers all have in common? All three are nicknames for exercises that incorporate strengthening or stretching of muscles in both the lower back and the lower extremities. And all three are examples of tools baseball pitchers can…

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July 2017

Tactical athletes: Maximizing their ability to protect and serve

Increasingly, clinicians and researchers are focusing on tactical athletes—including warfighters, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and other professionals—as a unique population with regard to lower extremity injuries.

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July 2017

Recent trends favor use of bracing for knee OA

Experts say new research underscoring the clinical benefits of bracing for patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA), along with more comfortable device designs aimed at improving patient compliance, may help boost the historically low rates of brace utilization in this patient population.

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July 2017

An interdisciplinary take on diabetic limb salvage

Developing a multidisciplinary team dedicated to diabetic limb salvage allows for immediate referral, lessens the burdens on individual practitioners, helps remove structural barriers that can delay patient care, and offers a framework in which to organize inpatient care for these patients.

By Brian M. Schmidt, DPM, AACFAS Continue reading

July 2017

NATA inducts hall of famers at 68th expo

The Dallas, TX-based National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) on June 28 inducted seven individuals into its Hall of Fame at the association’s 68th Clinical Symposia and AT Expo in Houston, TX. Continue reading

July 2017

Amputee groups air ACA reform concerns

The Alexandria, VA-based American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association (AOPA) and the Amputee Coalition, headquartered in Knox­ville, TN, on June 27 held a news conference to outline the “big three” priority issues in the healthcare reform debate for amputees. Continue reading

July 2017

ACR, AAHKS publish TJA drug care recs

Arthritis Care & Research on June 16 epublished guidelines from the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) and American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) on perioperative management of antirheumatic medication for patients with rheumatic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, spondyloarthritis, juvenile… Continue reading

July 2017

BOC picks first Newberry Award winner

The Owings Mills, MD-based Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC) in July made Harry J.R. Brandt, BOCO, CO, LO, the inaugural recipient of the Jim Newberry Award for Extraordinary Service. Continue reading

July 2017

Panel issues protocols for Össur hip brace

A multidisciplinary panel of clinical experts in June released treatment protocol recommendations for three populations of patients with hip osteoarthritis (OA) that included first-time advice regarding Foothills Ranch, CA-based Össur’s Unloader Hip brace. Continue reading