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May 2017

High neuropathy prevalence at rural free clinic underscores unmet need

The prevalence of diabetic peripheral neuropathy at a free clinic in rural South Carolina is significantly higher than averages reported in the literature, according to findings that underscore the need to improve diabetes education and foot care in underserved populations.

By Jordana Bieze Foster Continue reading

May 2017

Out on a limb: Healing arts

Healthcare practitioners and artists wouldn’t seem to have much in common, other than perhaps an appreciation of anatomy. But a new book has made me think the two professions also share an appreciation of people.

By Jordana Bieze Foster, Editor Continue reading

May 2017

Stepping Up: Orthotic devices help patients boost physical activity levels

Improved mobility with ankle foot orthoses and other devices can help patients experience the multiple health benefits of increased physical activity. But aggressive activity goals— including the oft-cited target of 10,000 steps per day— may still be problematic for some device users.

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May 2017

National Biomechanics Day thrills kids worldwide

National Biomechanics Day continued to build momentum in its second year, as scientists from Delaware to New Zealand got a jump on recruiting the next generation of biomechanists by demonstrating a wide range of applications—not to mention just how much fun the field can be.

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May 2017

Stress fractures: Lessons from military research

Lower extremity stress fractures are not limited to members of the armed forces, but have been studied extensively in military populations. That body of evidence has important implications for stress fracture prevention and management in runners, other athletes, and even nonathletes.

By Baris K. Gun, DO; Andrew C. McCoy, DPM; Kevin C. Wang, BS; and Brian R. Waterman, MD Continue reading

May 2017

Somatosensory deficits following ACL surgery

Research suggests light touch sensation in the foot and ankle may be negatively affected several years after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction—a finding consistent with studies that have reported decreased somatosensation in patients with other lower extremity conditions.

By Matthew Hoch, PhD, LAT; Steven Morrison, PhD; and Johanna Hoch, PhD, LAT Continue reading

May 2017

Unique orthotic strategies for low-volume footwear

The low-volume shoes worn by cyclists, figure skaters, and others can make orthotic management of these patients challenging. So, lower extremity practitioners have had to develop creative strategies for achieving the desired biomechanical effects while working within a limited space.

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April 2017

Sports injury prevention experts revisit risk factors and advocate for adherence

Despite strides, gaps between lab and practice remain

It’s an exciting time for clinicians involved in preventing sports injuries. Increasing numbers of studies are identifying risk factors associated with specific injuries and documenting the effectiveness of preventive interventions for reducing injury rates. Continue reading

April 2017

Online counseling helps reduce injuries in highly specialized youth athletes

Early single-sport specialization in youth athletes is associated with increased risk of reinjury in addition to primary injury, but online counseling can help to reduce those risks, according to two studies from Atlanta presented at the IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport, held in Monaco in March. Continue reading

April 2017

Proximal and distal factors may affect 5th met fracture risk in soccer players

Clinicians looking to prevent fifth meta­tarsal fractures (Jones fractures) in soccer players may want to consider proximal as well as distal factors, according to studies from two separate Japanese research groups presented at the IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport, held in Monaco in March. Continue reading

April 2017

By itself, zero drop in a running shoe does not translate to barefoot-like gait

A zero drop is not enough to notably alter the biomechanics of running in a cushioned shoe but may affect injury risk in some runners, according to research from Luxembourg presented at the IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport, held in Monaco in March. Continue reading

April 2017

Landing biomechanics may contribute to ankle sprain in basketball, volleyball

Two studies presented at the IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport, held in Monaco in March, shed light on the complex ways in which aspects of landing contribute to risk of ankle sprain in volleyball and basketball—both sports in which ankle sprains often occur when one player lands on another’s foot. Continue reading

April 2017

Custom-made Edser eFlops

Edser unveils eFlops, a new line of the company’s premium custom-made Flopthotics flip flops, which combine fashion and foot health. Designed and produced in conjunction with footwear specialists in Spain, eFlops are the first of a range of sophisticated custom… Continue reading

April 2017

Toesocks for Athletes

Injinji now offers the Ultra Compression Toesock specifically designed for athletes. The patented five-toe socks combine a seamless, lightweight design with compression technology to increase comfort and reduce athletes’ recovery time. Continue reading

April 2017

Baby Foot Exfoliating Peel

Described as an add-on treatment, Baby Foot is an exfoliating foot peel designed to leave cracked, painful feet feeling soft, supple, and renewed. Baby Foot is powered by 17 natural extracts and glycolic and lactic acids, which gently remove dead skin. Continue reading

April 2017

BRD Sport Achilles Brace

BRD Sport introduces its newly improved Achilles Ankle Brace. The brace is now easier to apply. Simply slip the brace on the foot, without painful pulling and tugging. The BRD Sport Achilles Ankle Brace offers a comfortable knitted support with an anatomically contoured silicone… Continue reading

April 2017

Kinesiology Taping Socks

Reset Sport Kinesiology Taping Socks are designed to facilitate recovery from foot and ankle injuries and aid in their prevention. By simulating a proprioceptive neuromuscular strap, the socks provide external support without restricting normal range of motion. Continue reading

April 2017

Pedoped Insole for Load Analysis

novel GmbH introduces the Pedoped insole, the latest advancement in its load measuring technology. The product features one large sensor that covers the entire surface of the foot to accurately measure the normal ground reaction force under the foot independent of… Continue reading

April 2017

FasciaFix Sleeve

The PediFix Footcare Company offers the FasciaFix Plantar Fasciitis Relief Sleeve, a new compression sleeve to help relieve heel and arch pain related to plantar fasciitis. By compressing and supporting the arch in two directions, the new plantar fasciitis compression… Continue reading

April 2017

Updated Custom Diabetic Inserts

Apex Foot Health Industries reintroduces Apex Custom Diabetic Inserts (CDI) with an entirely new ScanCast 3D technology application to scan and submit orders. Apex ScanCast 3D orders are fabricated to precisely fit Apex footwear, as well as other brands, with… Continue reading

April 2017

Noraxon Ninox Camera System

Noraxon USA has released the Ninox camera system, a port­able, USB-powered, high-definition camera system with integrated LED light for capturing and analyzing human movement data. The camera system is designed to give biomechanics researchers… Continue reading

April 2017

Navy Midtown Socks for Men

The Sigvaris Midtown Microfiber compression collection for men now includes navy socks in two compression levels, 15-20 mm Hg and 20-30 mm Hg. The compression socks are designed to be comfortable and durable while providing therapeutic relief. Continue reading

April 2017

Astro XO Exoskeleton

Astro Medical introduces the Astro XO flexible exoskeleton designed to rehabilitate ankle power and forward propulsion to treat soft tissue and joint disorders (such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis) that affect gait. Continue reading

April 2017

Partial Foot Prosthesis

New from Custom Composite Manufacturing is the Partial Foot Prosthesis, specifically designed to accommodate the unique needs of Chopart and Lisfranc (transmetatarsal) amputees. The Partial Foot Prosthesis is designed to help restore normal foot biomechanics and facilitate the… Continue reading

April 2017

EO2 oxygen delivery device heals DFUs

Results of a randomized controlled trial presented in March at the Diabetic Foot Global Conference (DFCon) in Houston found continuous diffusion of oxygen (CDO) with San Antonio-based EO2 Concepts’ Trans Cu O2 System was more effective for treatment of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) than standard approaches. Continue reading