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Pregnancy and gait: From foot pain to fall prevention

Researchers are investigating how changes during pregnancy may affect the lower extremities in the long term, as well as ways to treat and prevent these issues.

By Lori Roniger

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Out on a limb: Falling in with feedback

One of the interesting things about LER’s multi­disciplinary perspective is being able to follow a new idea as it is examined and embraced by one specialty after another, each with its own therapeutic goals and challenges.

By Jordana Bieze Foster, Editor


Management of Achilles tendinopathy in runners

Achilles tendinopathy is a common lower extremity injury in athletes as well as nonathletes. The Achilles tendon is often a site of injury in runners and is the second most common running-related musculo­skeletal injury, after medial tibial stress syndrome, with an…

By Howard Kashefsky, DPM

Uneven terrain: Tactics for orthotic-device users

Helping patients manage an orthotic device can be challenging, but doing so in the face of uneven terrain is a balancing act between stability, mobility, and strength. Device adjustments and rehabilitation pro­tocols can help patients avoid asymmetries and reduce the risk of falling.

By Shalmali Pal

Foot strike while running and patellofemoral pain

Recent research supports the idea that increased patellofemoral stress is a contributing factor in runners with patello­femoral pain, and that gait retraining to promote a…

By Jenevieve L. Roper, PhD; Deborah L. Doerfler, PT, DPT, PhD; Christine M. Mermier, PhD; and Janet S. Dufek, PhD

Foot rotation during gait in patients with knee OA

Rotating the foot in or out during gait is associated with significant decreases in frontal plane knee load during early or late stance, respectively, and can be effective for reducing pain and potentially slowing the progression of…

By Kevin Alan Valenzuela, ABD, CSCS; and Hunter Jared Bennett, PhD

Radiofrequency-based arthroscopy in the ankle

The results of a retrospective chart review suggest that the use of plasma-mediated bipolar radiofrequency-based arthroscopic microdebridement is associated with notable decreases…

By Renato Giorgini, DPM, FACFAS; Stephanie Giles, DPM; Omer Aci, DPM; and Christopher Japour, DPM, MS